Before you purchase a forklift here are a few tips.

First lets look at the following machine types.  This is something you'll need to know before you purchase your forklift truck.

Reach truck
Rider low lift truck
Rider stacker
Rider order picking truck
Towing tractor
Walkie stacker
Walkie low lift truck
Narrow aisle truck
Slip sheet machine
Electric truck
Propane / Gas / Diesel / Counter Balance 
Telescopic handler
Hand pallet truck
Carton Clamp attachment
Its very easy to overspend unless you are a well informed buyer.  You may be buying options on your forklift that you will never use.  Just make sure you do your homework first. Before you go purchase a forklift new or used write down everything that you expect your forklift to do, including how many hours a day you plan on running your forklift and what the operating cost is.  

If you plan on using a forklift on a daily basis for 2-8 hours a day you may want to think about the maintenance and breakdown cost, because it could cost you more money than buying a new one.

You also could lease a forklift.  A lot of companies prefer leasing their forklifts because of the warranty.  The warranties cover the length of the lease.

Knowing what you need the forklift for,  how long your are going to use it each day and  if you need electric or an internal combustion engine will help to decide what type of forklift to purchase.

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